Overlook your private beach from the large porch of The Hideaway.  Enjoy a commanding view of Manchioneel Bay and the entire Sir Francis Drake Channel.  Walk down the short path to your lounge chairs beneath the palm trees on the white sand beach.

This is a one-bedroom cottage with a large L-shaped living, dining and kitchen area.  The living room has three single daybeds for seating and sleeping.  The bedroom has a queen size bed.  The kitchen is equipped with gas stove, refrigerator/freezer and kitchen necessities.  There are indoor and outdoor showers and a charcoal grill on the porch.  Sheets and towels are provided.

As at the Pink Beach House, power is provided by the sun and water from the rain.  The 12V electric system supplies the lights, ceiling fans and hot water.  Cell phone and Ipod chargers designed for auto use will work here. An Ipod docking station is provided. Rainwater is pumped from the cistern to the header tank above the house where gravity takes over. Come enjoy the simplicity of life on Cooper Island.